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Holiday Grogg Flavored Coffee

Holiday Grogg Flavored Coffee

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May the music of bagpipes set the tone, and the hanging of holly, and a bit of shortbread on the side get you in the festive mood. So whip out the tartan 're now ready for a unique holiday treat! To get you in the Scottish holiday spirit we combine the flavours of Scottish Grogg with roasted pecans and cinnamon flavours.

The coffee captivates by evoking the sweet-smelling scent of cinnamon candles and the sight of pecans roasting over a log wood fire. This is precisely what our coffee tries to offer you!

With a bit of Scottish brandy aroma and a dash of spicy flavours to warm you up, this fine roasted coffee blend will offer you a jolly good time! So welcome yourself to the coffee brew of the Scots!

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee
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