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Elderberry Teabags in Signature Tin

Elderberry Teabags in Signature Tin

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Elderberry Teabags Signature Tea Tin

Notes: The elderberry plant was well known to the native people of North America. The edible berries were used for medicine and dyes for basketry, while the plant stems and branches were used for arrow shafts, flutes, whistles, clapper sticks, and folk medicine. Early European Settlers were familiar with Elderberries as well. Since the middle ages in Europe, the plant was considered a Holy Tree, capable of restoring good health, and an aid to longevity.

This blend is made with dried Elderberries, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Ginger and Dried Elder Flowers and will warm and soothe you!   

Brewing Tips:  Steep in 205 degree water for 5-10 minutes.  Leave the teabag in your cup for a stronger brew.


Type:  Teabags

Size/Weight:  20 Pillow Sachet Teabags sealed in matte black signature tea tin. Teabag material is a non-GMO, all natural, plant based product that is fully biodegradable. 

Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina

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